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IE Shopping Guide as you may have guessed if you live in the Inland Empire area, stands for Inland Empire Shopping Guide! We are a unique resource for finding great deals in you local Inland Empire community! IE Shopping Guide brings you this fantastic buyers guide featuring our best local businesses looking to advertise, specials and daily deals! The IE Shopping Guide is sent out in a physical format to your mailbox and now by popular demand we also offer this online version! This is perfect in the case you are out and about and remember seeing a special deal but do not have the magazine in hand. We also have had people request providing a way to find these offers online in the event we missed you. This is also a great way to share a savings with others who might have missed it, now you can share it on Facebook, Google, IM’s or email! Show some love to our hard working local business try one and share with others! Thank You for your support!

IE Shopping Guide Advertising for local businesses, shops and Restaurants in Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Alta Loma and Upland and surrounding Inland Empire

Inland Empire Shopping Guide IE Shopping Guide

Welcome To IE Shopping Guide!

We are the Inland Empire’s best shopping guide, designed and put together with avid deal shoppers in mind, to bring you the best local small businesses offers. Each local business in our shopping guide has their own unique story of why and how they got started in their own local business as well as their own passion for what they do. The one thing they all have in common is they believe in the power of doing business locally,  they’re providing something special and worthwhile for you to try them out. All of the businesses in our shopping guides believe once you try them you will be so thrilled with their shop, business, or service that you will gladly return and repeat doing business with them. We work closely with all of our advertisers to ensure these special deals are not only valid and substantial enough for you to stop in or call but we are fair enough in our distribution to make it a great deal for all. Our shopping guide has the best deals in the Inland Empire with a wide variety of business categories.

We designed IESHOPPINGGUIDE.COM to widen our reach to everyone through the power of the internet and to be here if you misplaced your shopping guide. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have one handy to redeem a deal, coupon or special, it’s as easy as, copy, paste and print the page and present as a coupon. You may also pull it right up on your phone, if you left the coupon at home or remember seeing a special and you are out and about. IE Shopping Guide has just made it easier for you, just log on and view the most recent and current shopping guide in your market! You may want to bookmark our website on your phone and check it out every month and save money while supporting your local retailers!

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